Insta Recharge Root Concealer

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Insta Recharge Powder is a professional root touch up product, a temporary colouring 4 in 1 solution for in-between salon appointments.

Regrowth Concealing
   - Express interim temporary colour for touching-up those annoying grey roots or
      regrowth areas just where you and others see them.
Highlights Extension
   - A fast highlighting extension service that can be used in between salon
      appointments to disguise the regrowth. 
Optical Filling & Thickening 
   - Achieve the appearance of visually thicker and fuller hairline areas instantly. 
Eyebrow Definition 
   - Enhance and define the shape of eyebrows.

- Easily conceal and optically fill roots
- Use on highlights to touch up in between appointments
- Create fuller hairlines by optically concealing and thickening
- Define eyebrows
- Available in 5 temporary shades
- Fades away within the next shampoo

- Apply to clean, dry hair
- Brush through the hair to loosen any styling products and debris