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BLONDME Premium Clay Lightener, 350g

Schwarzkopf Professional

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Discover BlondMe Bond Enforcing Clay Lightener a premium soft-to-solid formula that creates an outer-shell, allowing the lightener to stay moist on the inside while unleashing its full lightening power within the hair. This clay-based powder lightener is easy to work with, and allows a precise application. The creamy consistency allows a smooth application and a seamless result. Thanks to the cream-to-solid formula, the upper layer hardens and traps the moisture to ensure optimal lightening while protecting the rest of the hair from transfer.

- Clay-based lightener
- Ideal for Bases 3 to 8
- With bond enforcing technology
- Perfect for free-hand lightening service
- Up to 7 level of lift
- Soft-to-solid formula

- Always use in combination with BLONDME Premium Developers
- Mix 1:1.5 to 1:2 depending upon the desired consistency (30g of BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener and 45ml to 60ml of BLONDME Premium Developer)
- Apply on dry hair 
- Development Time: 20-45 minutes
- Additional heat is not recommended
- Visually check lightening progress during development time