Natural Revitalizing Hair Oil

Revive7 Science

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You trusted the revolutionary Revive7 formula with your lashes and brows, next comes their handcrafted hair oil for noticeably fuller, longer hair with a hydrating and revitalizing formula.

There are many causes for thinning or loss of hair. Revive7 curated the perfect formula to offer you results without harsh chemicals or steroids.

Revive7 Hair Oil is also a beard oil. Revitalizing, strengthening and softening the hair, and introducing new hair in sparse patches. Creates a fuller, thicker beard.

You can expect to see your results within 25-45 days of daily use.

Revive7 Hair Oil offers the following:
- HEALTHIER & FULLER HAIR - Nourishing formula that strengthens thinning and weak hair resulting in noticeably thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. Hair becomes smoother and shinier with less frizz and breakage.
NOTICEABLY THICKER & LONGER HAIR - Infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that effectively giving the appearance of thicker, stronger and healthier hair for both men and women.
- POWER INGREDIENTS - All natural and pure ingredients blend harmoniously to create a powerful formula that provides results within one month with proper use. Infused with Ginseng Extract; which strengthens the follicles and roots of the hair, encouraging new hair and preventing thinning and breakage. Also infused with Biotin and Vitamin B6 to nourish your follicles while producing longer, fuller hair.
- SAFE & GENTLE - Revive7 Hair is very gentle yet provides amazing results. It is cruelty-free as well as free of parabens, gluten, sulfates, perfumes, and triclosan. 

- Nourishing formula that strengthens thinning and weak hair
- Infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients
- Hair becomes smoother and shinier
- Less frizz and breakage
- All natural and pure ingredients
- Made in Canada
- Organic and Vegan
- Designed for men and women

- Apply 3-5 drops directly to balding areas up to 2 times per day to dry scalp
- Massage treated area to help absorption
- May be used as Beard Oil
- May be used in dry hair to nourish & condition ends