Scalp Relief Cleanser For Sensitive Scalp, 1L

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This shampoo instantly soothes sensitive, irritated and dry scalp. The formula geatures aloe, niacinamide and soothex™ complex effectively treat the scalp while providing a densifying effect on the hair.

Cleanses gently yet effectively while soothing the scalp immediately.

- For all hair types with sensitive, dry & itchy Scalp
- Soothing shampoo
- Densifies the hair
- Hydrate scalp for up to 6 hours
- With aloes, niacinamide and soothex™
- No sulfate, paraben or dye
- Dermatologically tested

- Massage on to wet scalp and hair, rinse
- Repeat if desired
For best results us at least 4 times a week

1L | 33.8 fl oz