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Blond Studio Multi-Techniques 8 Bonder Inside Lightening Powder

L'Oreal Professionel

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Lighten and bond in one simple step with Blond Studio 8 Bonder Inside.

Introducing L'Oréal Professional's Blond Studio 8 Bonder Inside! This powerful new lightening powder is infused with a bonding complex in order to maintain the integrity of your clients hair at it lifts. Blond Studio 8 is both effective and efficient. No extra mixing, no extra time!

Although Blond Studio 8 has many uses, it is ideal for correcting at-home colour errors, refreshing your clients highlights, or adding in some beautiful balayage! Blond Studio 8 Bonder Inside pairs wonderfully with DIA light creme based toner.

- Up to 8 levels of lift
- Neutralizes as it lifts for Blonder results
- Protects hair bonds to keep hair strong while lightening
- Bonding Complex maintains the integrity for stronger hair
- All in one step with no bonder additive needed – saving up to 15 minutes per service
- Thick, creamy, and comfortable texture is ideal for perfect application and grip
- No additional mixing or development time needed

907g | 32 oz