Essensity Oil Developer

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Schwarzkopf Essensity Oil Developer is a rich cream peroxide emulsion that works in harmony with the organic ingredients of Schwarzkopf ESSENSITY hair colour to produce beautiful, long-lasting hair colour. Contains beeswax designed to feed the hair, giving it suppleness and a dazzling shine for a healthy, vibrant look.

Available in 4 different strengths to ensure you get perfect results:
2.5% (8 volume) — For depositing pure colour or for colouring darker. Effective up to a maximum of 30% white hair.
5.5% (18 volume) — Lifts up to 2 levels and effective on up to 100% white hair.
8.5% (28 volume) — Lifts up to 3 levels and designed for Nature+ shades.
11.5% (38 volume) — Gives up to 4 levels of lift with the ultra blonde (10- series) shades.

- Colour equalization
- Long-lasting colour with outstanding grey coverage
- Fade resistant formula with brilliant shine
- UV protection
- Mixes twice as fast compared to other brands


1L | 33.8 fl oz