05 Hair Cream Silicon Milk, 500ml

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Hydrate your hair and make sure it turns heads with a hair cream that repairs damaged, frizzy, thick, and chemically treated hair. This hydrating product delivers the look you need while quenching your hair with deep moisture.

This cream provides deep nourishment and fabulous sheen without weighing hair down. It is especially effective on dry and damaged hair after colour treatments. It restores hair's natural shine with nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, silicon, glycerin and vitamin E.

- For all hair types
- Repairs damaged, frizzy, thick, and chemically treated hair
- Provides shininess, texture & deep nourishment
- Restores hair's natural shine
- Highly concentrated product

- Apply the desired amount to towel-dried (or fully dried) hair, from mid-section to tips
- Massage from mid-section to tips
- Style
- Allow hair to dry naturally

TIP: For hard to manage hair, mix 1-2 pumps with BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa Oil Hair Treatment for extra conditioning

500 ml | 15.9 fl oz