GATSBY Moving Rubber Hair Wax, Grunge Mat

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Grunge Mat is best known for its matte texture with a reduced gloss. Along with its high styling strength and excellent holding power, Grunge Mat lets you create hair bundles easily. Made with newly developed "smooth polymer" that creates less sticky and light finis. Contains Moving Rubber that creates resilient finish and makes it possible to restyle as many times as you want throughout the day.

GATSBY's stylists recommend you make the maximum use of Grunge Mat's features by easily creating the "grunge look," a rough and messy style. To prevent the hairstyle from appearing flat, use Grunge Mat to create movement with hair bundles. Do not twist the hair bundles to sharply at the end as it will ruin the appearance of the matte texture. The key to creating texture and movement is to rub the product into the middle of the hair bundles to stagger the look. Don't apply too much wax or it will get heavy. If you apply too much, you can't go back. So just apply a little bit at a time.

- Strong holding power, coupled with a matte finish
- Creates a casual and natural look
- Non-shine
- Easy to apply and flexible for your desired look
- Suitable for very short to medium-short hair
- Non-sticky
- Styling Power: 8/10
- Shine: 0/10
- Refreshing green apple scent
- Paraben-free
- Made in Japan

- Apply small dab onto the palm of your hand.
- Spread out well and blend into ends of hair or other parts where you want movement.
- Always close cap properly after use.

80g | 2.8 oz

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