Gloss.ME Shine & Heat Protectant Infinite Mist Sprayer


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Protect from heat styling, add shine and nourish your strands. Seal cuticles to reduce hair fall and (heat/UV) breakage.Revitalizes hair and mends split-ends.

Refill your INFINITEMIST spray bottle to help make a positive impact on the environment. Each INFINITEMIST system is available in a mist spray bottle & refill carton. Refill cartons are sold separately.

- Protect and prevent coloured hair from fading
- Lock in moisture 
- Instant shine
- Keep moisture and strengthen the hair
- Nourishes split ends
- Flawless distribution every time with an ultra-fine even mist
- As powerful as an aerosol
- 3 second spray, allowing full coverage
- Control spray pattern (light, medium, high)
- Avoid random areas of over application
- Mist in any position, even upside down
- Ergonomic design to fit perfectly in any hand

- Mist evenly throughout damp hair, from roots to ends before blow drying
- On dry hair let absorb to the touch prior to heat styling

250ml | 8.5 fl oz