Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Qurl, F1 + Neutralizing Lotion

Shiseido Professional

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Crystallizing Qurl achieves curls and waves with resilience and a sculpted look while minimizing stress on the hair. Crystallizing Qurl is the first exclusive hot perm solution in Asia to provide perfect care-protection against thermal damage, designed to achieve a sculpted beautiful look, creating long-lasting, bouncy, moistful curls. An elegant, glossy finish and the soft smooth texture helps us truly understand what the concept of 'Beautiful Hair' really is. It can achieve soft resilient curls and waves while minimizing stress and damage on the hair. It minimizes hair damage at all processing stages and enables repeat perming. It creates firm waves and yet ensures superb texture and luster at the same time and achieves stylish airy-soft perm with large dimensional waves.

Shiseido introduces this line of products with newly refined changes. Increasing moisture and reducing damage has been achieved with Shiseido's knowledge and current technology used to produce skincare products. As a result, it is possible to make the liquid lotion equivalently the same as a moisturizing cream.

The F line of Crystallizing Qurl is for normal to low-level damaged hair and achieves defined waves.

- Care-protection effect to relieve thermal damage
- Widens range of perming style
- Achieves waves with high reproductivity that are easy to style
- For normal to low-level damaged hair
- Achieves defined waves
- Neutralizing Lotion gives a silky, sleek and smooth finish
- Includes M1 + Neutralizing Lotion
- Product of Japan

400g x 2