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Ceramic + Ion XL Pro Vent Paddle Brush

Olivia Garden

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The Olivia Garden XL Pro Collection consists of lightweight and comfortable paddle brushes featuring anti-static and ion-charged bristles with comfortable ball point tips which are not only gentle on hair and scalp, but also great for detangling, brushing and updos. The large vents of the brush maximize the airflow for faster and better drying. The unique handle design with a snag-free ring and a retractable sectioning pick has an ergonomic grip.

- Ceramic coated Styling brush gently massages scalp as it works through tangles
- Maximizes heat distribution for faster styling
- Epoxy ball point tip bristles
- Easy grip ergonomic handle
- Retractable sectioning pick
- Incorporates ion technology to restore hair's balance, add luster and sheen, and smooth hair
- Gentle on hair & scalp
- Great for detangling, brushing & updos
- For all hair types
- Comfortable ball point tips
- Faster & better blowdrying
- Lightweight & comfortable
- Great for thick & long hair