IGORA ROYAL Muted Desert Permanent Hair Colour

Schwarzkopf Professional

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Inspired by the calm landscapes of the desert, and its bare and sandy surroundings, IGORA® Muted Desert offers elegant beige and soft grey nuances in 4 brand new shades that are specifically developed to counteract unwanted yellow undertones – get ready to achieve our next level of neutral hair. 

Building on the colour worlds of IGORA® Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay, IGORA® Muted Desert introduces shades for both IGORA ROYAL® and IGORA VIBRANCE® to complement the existing shade portfolios.

Using the #Muting Technique with IGORA® Muted Desert shades 9-24 and 7-24, an enticing touch of soft powdery greys with a beautifully lighted frame is achieved – for a cool and elegant colour result!

Using the #Muting Technique with IGORA® Muted Desert shades 9-42 and 7-42, an exciting blend of powdery and cool beiges is created through a beautifully soft and muted gradient – for a sophisticated and elegant look!