IGORA ROYAL Nude Tones Permanent Hair Colour

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IGORA ROYAL Nude Tones, the first nude coloration, offering minimalistic, powdery tone directions that provide a sophisticated yet commercial enhancement of colour, with a subtle dash of fashion. Designed to highlight your clients’ natural beauty, this line offers six delicately earthy tones with color effects that are true to IGORA’s high definition results. The 6 shades represent the new generation of multi-natural beiges and cover levels 4 to 12 – offering a shade of nude for more than 90% of clients. Use the shade range to create effortlessly refined nude looks, from weightless blonde to intense brunette. 

The technology is a unique fusion of pure beiges with rosy undertones, for a dose of style, and a raw, yet elegant edge. The tones cover Levels 4 to 12, and provide 70 percent white hair coverage. The sophisticated, yet commercial shades can work for every client, while providing an illuminated, natural look.

Pure Contouring
Low maintenance look with lighter lines placed along the hairline to illuminate face.

Soft Grading
Seamless multi-tonal colour grading for a naturally elegant and sophisticated result.

- 6 powdery tone directions
- Inspired by nude cosmetics
- Multi-tonal beiges, from weightless blondes to deep browns
- Suitable for more than 90% of salon clients