IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights Permanent Hair Colour

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Experience lift and fashion tone with IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights - now formulated with integrated Fibre Bond™ Technology. Integrated Fibre Bond™ Technology enforces bonds within the hair fiber to reduce hair breakage significantly.

Providing lifting and toning in one easy step, IGORA ROYAL FASHION LIGHTS offers on-trend fashion colours without compromising on with optimal hair quality. No additive needed for the colour cream to help shield the hair from damage during the colouration process. Perfect for multi-tonal fashion services from fashion highlights to mermaid looks.

- Integrated FIBRE BOND Technology
- Enforces bonds within the hair fiber to reduce hair breakage significantly
- 8 on-trend shades: Strong trend for bold fashion colours
- One Step colour & lift up to 5 levels on dark bases without pre-lightening
- Delivers maximum level of tonal vibrancy with reduced colour fade
- Accurate colour results