IGORA ROYAL Raw Essentials Permanent Hair Colour

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Discover the world of raw, cool and tarnished browns. New IGORA Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar introduces a palette of cool browns, from stand-out tones to minimalistic shades, all with a powdery matte finish – for the perfect soft, urban look!With IGORA Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar shades, experience the first dual application trend collection, featuring shades in both IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE assortments – truly meeting all hairdresser and client needs. Continuing to keep hairdressers at the forefront of the latest trends, Schwarzkopf Professional have expanded the IGORA portfolio to include a range of true-to-tuft brunette shades that provide maximum colour intensity and beautiful cool tone directions with a powdery matte finish!Inspired by suburban city life contrasted with raw nature, IGORA has introduced a palette of cool and tarnished brown shades that leave the hair with a subtle and minimalistic aesthetic.

IGORA Earthy Clay – sophisticated, earthy and dusted brown tones for an iridescent look upgrading bare beauty
IGORA Ashy Cedar – IGORA's strongest neutralizing shades with hues of petrol and facets of ashy brown for coolest brown results.